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Globular in Bootes
M53 | Messier 53 | NGC 5024
One of the more distant globulars, this cluster is in Coma Berenices. It contains over 500,000 stars, ranging from magnitudes 11-15. With an overall spectral type of F6, most stars are yellow-white. At Class VI, its core is of medium density.

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20 Apr 2018

30 Mar 2017

12 Feb 2016

15 Mar 2010

Night of:Friday April 20, 2018
Site:Laguna Niguel
Local Time:11:00 PM | Apr 20, 2018
RA:13h 12m 55s
Declination:+18d 10' 05"
Distance:58,000 light years
Magnitude:+8.3 mV
Camera Settings:
Camera:Celestron NightScape + f/6.3 Reducer
Pixel Scale:1.45 arcsec
Image Size:1277 x 945 pixels (1.2 MP)
30.9' x 22.8'
Exposure:60 sec
Stacked Frames:40
Total Integration:40 minutes
Shot Info:autoguiding
Post Processing:t-shirt flats
stacked with AA6
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