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Messier 4 Globular Cluster
M4 | Messier 4 | NGC 6121
M4 is the only globular that Messier himself saw resolved into stars. This is one of the closest globulars, and its brighter stars are about 10.8 mV. It is about 70 light years across. At Class IX this is a loosely packed globular. With less than 20,000 stars it's one of the least populated globs.

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27 May 2019

23 Jul 2014

Night of:Friday May 24, 2019
Site:Laguna Niguel
Local Time:11:30 PM | May 27, 2019
RA:16h 23m 35s
Declination:-26d 32'
Distance:7,200 light years
Magnitude:+5.9 mV
Camera Settings:
Camera:ZWO ASI224 +2.5x
Pixel Scale:1.1 arcsec
Image Size:951 x 1248 pixels (1.2 MP)
17.4' x 22.9'
Exposure:5 sec
Video Length:?
Stacked Frames:50
Total Integration:4 minutes
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